SAIS Soft Landing Service Programme


Demola Global is executing a novel soft-landing service together with SAIS. A future-oriented global commercialisation and market access services that assist startups to explore business ecosystems and markets in Finland, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia.

For Companies

Demola projects help you explore the future impacts and driving forces. You will understand the future requirements in foreign markets for your products or services and explore changes in consumer behavior. We will help you on your decision on foreign market access.

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Laszlo Bacsa

Juha Miettinen
Senior expert

For Students

Get ready for the most exciting part of your studies. We work as a future radar for companies, NGOs & public sector organizations, tirelessly collecting insights from different phenomena and younger generation’s perspectives.

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Joonas Kemppainen

Program Schedule

17 Mar

Startup selection

Selecting the startups to participate in SAIS SLP pilot

06 Apr - 16 Jun

Onboarding & training

Training period for startups with expert support and international market insight project

07 - 25 Jun

Results, review, assessment & reporting

Analysing and reporting of the SAIS SLP results

Enabling a novel approach to startups for pre-soft landing activities

Futures Insights

Trend contextualization and demonstration with interdisciplinary Gen-Z student teams

Expert training

Experienced trainers’ support on a bi-weekly basis to to interpret findings on new markets together with the startups

New Learning experience

Inspiring methods and frameworks for external market access

Enhanced understanding

Enabling educated decisions on access to foreign markets from learning by doing

Program Partners